About us

Blessed Homes works along the Thai-Myanmar border to provide safe and loving homes for children and youth in need. We want to see children who have a hope for the future and courage to act on their dreams.

Our work began in 2007 when we opened our first home in a Karen village in Thailand. Since then, we have grown to four locations in different towns and villages along the border. Each home has 15-30 children and youth and is staffed by Karen locals.

In 2019, Blessed Homes received status as a Thai foundation (0993000409043). We work under the supervision of Tak Province Social Development and Human Security.

Blessed Homes Thailand


Ole Jørgen Edna


Stephanie Melachrinos


Gjertrud Ekre


Naw Eh

Social Work


Employees working at our homes

Ya Koh

Ga Neh Poh

Dee Moh Zay

Eh Luh Tha

Hsuh Ku

Joo Mee

Mary Moo Tay

Mu Chee

Bwee Hpaw

Luh Say


La Moo

Saw Win Dee

Pa Leh Boh

Nay Blu

Nay Luh Pweh Hsgee

Day See Paw

Say Bloh Wah

Ga Nyaw Poh

Naw Day Phu


Blessed Homes has been registered as an organization in Norway since 2008 and a US nonprofit 501(c)(3) since 2016. Through February 2019, our Thailand spending was recorded and audited under Blessed Homes (Norway).

Since February 2019, our Thailand spending is audited locally as the Thai foundation. Blessed Homes (Norway) and Blessed Homes (USA) grant money to the Thai foundation to fund our work and file tax reports within their respective countries.

Care of Children

Blessed Homes works with children whose families are not able to provide for them.

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Transition for Youth

As children grow up, we want to support them in the transition to a more independent adult life.

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Our work is funded by donations from individual sponsors from around the world. Help us to continue to provide care by making a donation.