Blessed Homes



Our first orphanage opened in 2007, giving a safe home to over 20 children. In the years since then, work has grown to accommodate more than 100 wonderful children supported by over 20 dedicated employees. At the homes, we want each child to grow up in a safe and loving environment with the opportunity for education and play.

Noh Bo

Klee Tho Kloo

Mae Oo Ho


We work with children and young people who have fallen victim to the longstanding conflict in Burma. Each child at our homes comes with a unique history. We have children who have lost their parents for various reasons. Some come from poor families who are unable to take care of the kids. Others come from homes with violence, abuse and neglect.

We want to give these children a hope for a future of freedom and a life where they can dare to dream big. We want to see children who are confident in themselves and dare to take risks, knowing that no matter what might happen, they will always be greatly loved.


Our employees are trustworthy adults between the ages of 20 and 70. Each employee receives training and further education in order to do their job to the best of their ability.


All our children are given the opportunity for an education. The children attend local schools in the villages where each orphanage is located. In addition to regular schooling, we give children opportunities to develop their creativity in different areas including courses in handcrafts, music, art and more.


Our homes are located in small Karen villages in Thailand along the border with Burma (Myanmar). All our homes are new and the kids share a room with 2-5 other children.


Besides attending school, the children participate in activities at each of the homes. We have music and art facilities, computer rooms, skate park equipment, sites for football, volleyball, cane ball, and more. At the homes, we also have various animals – everything from dogs and rabbits to pigs and owls.