Blessed Homes


Youth Center

The youth center will be a nurturing and supportive place where our young adults can take the plunge from childhood at our homes to a more independent adult life. In addition to focusing on education, we want to create jobs for those who are no longer in school. The site for the center is located in Mae Sot, a small town in Thailand with between 60,000 and 100,000 inhabitants.


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At this center, the youth will live in smaller units, either having their own room or sharing with one or two others. There will be some common rooms, a kitchen, and a dining room for them to share with the other youth at the center.


In villages where the orphanages are located, there are very few opportunities to attend school beyond 9th grade. Mae Sot has many more educational opportunities for youth. They can continue in public school with the possibility of university after completing 12th grade. There are also a good variety of migrant schools. Many charities are based in this city and provide a range of education and training – from two-week courses in ceramics to web-based university education.


For our young people who do not want to continue their education, we want to assist them in finding proper jobs. In Mae Sot, we will work with local businesses and organizations to provide work opportunities for our youth.


As we develop plans for future needs and opportunities with the acre and a half of land around the youth center, we will use this portion of the plot for agriculture. The water supply is good, allowing for up to three crops a year. A single crop of rice from the acre and a half could provide three to four months worth of rice for the orphanages.

Other Projects

The lot where the youth center will be located is about two acres, of which half an acre is set aside for the youth center. The remaining area will give us freedom for future development of the organization. Starting up a guesthouse on part of the land would provide work opportunities for some of our youth. We are also looking at opportunities to build a training center on the site. In addition to using the space to conduct courses for our staff development, the facilities could be rented out by other organizations in the area.