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Since 2007, Blessed Homes has been caring for children along the Thai-Burma border. This is made possible by donations from monthly sponsors and one-time gifts from individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Approximately 60% of the current funding for Blessed Homes comes from monthly sponsors. As we look to the future, we do not want to be dependant on one-time gifts to cover our regular expenses. We would like to increase the number of monthly sponsors to have a reliable, steady source of giving to support the children at Blessed Homes.


Education, Transportation and Health

Being healthy and able to attend school opens a world of possibilities to a child. $25 a month covers the educational and health needs of one child. Our children attended public Thai schools or local migrant schools. We provide uniforms, school supplies, transportation (as needed) and school fees. We also ensure our children have access to healthcare and teach proper hygiene.


Housing and Food

Every child needs food, clothing, and a place to live. $50 a month covers these basic needs. Our children have three meals a day and a basic wardrobe. Depending on age, the children may share a room with up to four people at our purpose-built homes.


Staff Salaries

It takes many loving people to care for our children. Some cook, some bring them to school, and some need to give them a hug when they come home. We employ more than 20 adults as part of the Blessed Homes family. Each employee receives training and further education to best care for the interests of our children. Monthly salaries at the homes range from $100 to $200 based on position and years of employment.

Become a monthly donor

Tax info USA

Blessed Homes is a US nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization (EIN/tax ID number: 81-4200750). Support levels shown above are to demonstrate the possible impact of donations of various amounts. All donations are received with the understand that Blessed Homes has complete discretion and control over the allocation of donated funds. Contributions are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.


Food, education and housing are the biggest expenses we have associated with each child. We also spend a significant portion of our overall expenses on the salaries for the staff who care for our children. Dividing all the costs of Blessed Homes over the 100 children at 4 homes, it is approximate $120 a month.

Since most administrative tasks are done on a volunteer basis, our operating expense spending is less than 2%.

Average Monthly Expenses (2017)

Staff Salaries 28% $3260

Food 24% $2840

Education and Transportation 18% $2080

Housing 16% $1900

Misc 5% $570

Health 4% $510

Support for children in Myanmar 2% $250

Clothes 2% $220

Celebrations (Birthdays, Christmas etc.) 1% $160

Total   $11790

About us

Blessed Homes works along the Thai-Myanmar border to provide safe and loving homes for children and youth in need. We want to see children who have a hope for the future and courage to act on their dreams.

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