Care of Children

Blessed Homes works with children whose families are not able to provide for them. Some are orphans while others are affected by abuse and neglect.

At our homes, we want each child to grow up in a safe and loving environment with the opportunity for education and play. Children in our care are enrolled in public Thai schools or local migrant schools. We provide uniforms, school supplies, transportation (as needed), and school fees. Children are also given opportunities to develop their own interests through sports, creative arts, language studies, and special trainings.

Home Life

Each of our homes is slightly different based on facilities and the local community. Some homes have sports fields on site. This provides a gathering space for children, staff, and neighbors to come together and play. Other homes have small gardens, rice fields, and agricultural projects. Pets and livestock at any time might include pigs, chickens, goats, turkeys, fish, cats, dogs, and rabbits. At each home, our children and staff are actively involved in the village community.

Special Care

It takes many loving people to care for our children. Blessed Homes looks at the individual needs of each child. We ensure our children have access to healthcare, working with the government healthcare system and NGO-funded care. Some staff receive training in special needs and work one-on-one with those who need more support. We connect with other organizations in the area who can provide expertise. When special support is greater than we can provide, we refer children to other organizations.

The majority of our staff are residential caretakers. We also have a small office team that works across the sites to support in areas of social work, finance, human resources, and other needs.

Transition for Youth

As children grow up, we want to support them in the transition to a more independent adult life.

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Our work is funded by donations from individual sponsors from around the world. Help us to continue to provide care by making a donation.