Since 2007, Blessed Homes has been caring for children in the Thailand-Myanmar border area. This is made possible by donations from monthly sponsors and gifts from individuals, organizations, churches, and businesses. Approximately 60% of our funding comes from monthly donors. One-time gifts, in addition to covering the remainder of our monthly budget, help with larger investments, purchases, and renovations.

A reliable and steady donor base enables us to continue our work with children and youth. Join our community of dedicated sponsors or give a one-time gift.

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Food, education and housing are the biggest expenses we have associated with each child. We also spend a significant portion of our overall expenses on the salaries for the staff who care for our children. Dividing all the costs of Blessed Homes over the 90 children at 4 homes, it is approximate $135 a month.

Our biggest expenses (2020)



3 540 $



2 820 $



1 440 $


8 %

930 $


7 %

830 $

Outside of Thailand, our administrative tasks are primarily done on a volunteer basis. This keeps our operating expense spending less than 2%. Beginning in 2019 with our status as a Thai foundation, we anticipate that the administrative costs within Thailand will increase.

TAX info USA

Blessed Homes is a US nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization (EIN/tax ID number: 81-4200750). Support levels shown above are to demonstrate the possible impact of donations of various amounts. All donations are received with the understanding that Blessed Homes has complete discretion and control over the allocation of donated funds. Contributions are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Care of Children

Blessed Homes works with children whose families are not able to provide for them.

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Transition for Youth

As children grow up, we want to support them in the transition to a more independent adult life.

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