Transition for Youth

As children grow up, we want to support them in the transition to a more independent adult life.

Youth are given more responsibilities at the homes coupled with greater freedom. In addition to formal education, they are exposed to local practices in agriculture and the arts.

One home, located in a larger town, is dedicated to young adults pursuing further education and work opportunities. While working, they can continue to live at the home until they are able to provide for their own housing and live independently.

Higher education

When our youth want to pursue higher education, we assist them with finding appropriate programs of study. Money paid towards higher education is given as a loan that they pay back upon employment. The intent is to provide a source of ongoing funding for higher education.

Continuing Connection

At Blessed Homes, we continue the connection with our children even after the transition to independent adult life. This can take many forms such as casual visits, invitations to special celebrations, or trips to see grown children working in other cities.

We are also thrilled when children in our care are able to transition back into the care of kin. Staff visit and keep communication with the children and the caretakers to ensure the children are doing well in their new living situation.

Care of Children

Blessed Homes works with children whose families are not able to provide for them.

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